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Why training from IITPT ?

The IITPT is the leading independent digital marketing trainer. Our priority is your professional development,


We're in the business of hosting great ideas.

Every 2 years the amount of technical information is doubling. This means for students starting a 4 year degree , half of what they studied in their university degree, will be outdated by the time they finish their graduation.

Our training courses have been designed in such a way, that makes you understand the educational material easily, and you will have the opportunity to work on real projects, and not just theoretical books. We have conducted numerous researches to understand the best ways to provide mobile application development training. We have the expertise and knowledge for the latest tools, which we use to train our students, so that they can stand out when compared to someone who has spent years studying at university. Technologies change at the speed of light, so by the time you have completed your studies, those tools which you have learned are already out dated. Our team keeps updating with thorough research which will give the most benefit to the students who are getting our training..

Jigar Doriwala Owner

Why IITPT is different than others?

Topic IITPT Training Others
Curriculum Continuously updating with latest tools and technologies.

Course content covers product development and launch.

Well designed and structured course.

Not updated for years.

Uses outdated technologies.

Tutors Our Tutor has practical mobile application development experience to give you the best exposure in the industry.

All our Trainers have Mobile application development experience, and have developed easy to learn tools for the training.

Lack of proper communication skills.

Inexperience and under qualified staff

Classrooms High end Computers and working on live projects.

Individual computer systems for every student.

Air conditioned and proper IT Company environment.

Outdated Operating systems and slow Desktop computers.

Computer’s are shared.

Training rooms are not organized and are congested.

Methodology Limited places available for one on one attention

Focused on practical training rather than theory.

Every module is taught with a practical session .

Live Projects that are uploaded in Android and App .

Classrooms are packed with students.

Not many practical

Only single practical session for majority of modules

Even after training,students lack knowledge to launch their own app.

Job Placement One on one advice for job placement.

Tie up with leading mobile application development companies.

No real placements after the training.