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Social Media Optimization

SMO Training Course-Benefits

You can work (part time/full time) From Home as a smo freelancer and generate great money returns in dollars by providing your smo services. You can also earn good money through blogging, affiliate marketing, or using Google adsense on your website or Blog. After completing our smo training it is not necessary for you to do a job in any company for your monthly income because you can also start your own smo company and earn good money by working on various smo projects outsourced by many countries. Just checkout below the course highlights and Training course structure that will clearly convey you the special benefits of learning social media optimization from IITPT.

Sonu Pandey – SEO Head

What will you learn ?

Our social media optimization training Workshop is designed so as to provide you in-depth knowledge of the latest Social Media Optimization tools, smo trends, smo tricks, social media optimization software's, social media optimization techniques, social media optimization strategies etc for result oriented social media optimization. This course also includes all the latest relevant smo updates.

(Google Adsense + Affiliate Marketing + Blogging) Modules Are Now Included In This Course For Free

  • Experienced Faculty with 8+ years experience
  • Start your SMO career in 1 Day
  • Lots of Job Opportunities
  • Complete Practical Workshop


Course Code: Social Media Optimization

Duration : 4 Week ( 10 am to 6 pm - Only on Sunday)


Course Description

Social Media Optimization is prepared for those who like to share each & every thing. This course will help you to earn and increase your skill in sharing by the marketing tools.

Social Media Optimization Workshop Covers following Modules

  1. Introduction to Social Media
  2. Social Media Strategy
  3. Advantages over Online Marketing
  1. Difference between Profiles, Places, Groups and Pages
  2. Social media and communications strategy
  3. Latest trends
  4. Frictionless sharing
  5. Facebook Connect (Like, Share, Comment)
  6. Facebook Pages (Creating, Managing, Retention)
  7. Facebook Apps
  8. Measuring and Monitoring
  9. Sponsored Stories
  10. Facebook Places
  11. Facebook credits
  12. Facebook and ecommerce
  13. Advantages and challenges
  1. Introduction to Twitter
  2. Use for reputation, conversing, promotion, sales, listening, research
  3. Who to follow
  4. Tweeting (Responding to others, RT, Hash Tags, Direct Messages)
  5. Tracking Code
  6. Advertising - tweet for pay
  7. Twitter Lists
  8. Twitter Account Promotion
  9. Searching tweets and users
  10. Measuring Influence
  11. Tools
  1. Introduction to Online Reputation Management
  2. Generating Buzz
  3. Five Stars at Customer Review Sites
  4. Tips for ensuring your happy customers spread the word.
  5. Ensure your customers defend you from a bad review
  6. Responding to negative reviews
  7. Reducing negative reviews
  8. Blogging for Brand Control
  1. Introduction to LinkedIn
  2. Creating the right profile & settings
  3. LinkedIn Groups
  4. Answers, events, messaging & testimonials
  5. Increasing reach and visibility
  6. Company Pages
  1. Online video - content is king
  2. Virals films and brand
  3. Defining your goals, metrics and budgets
  4. Social sharing, comments and reviews
  5. Getting an audience
  6. Creating and managing an account
  7. Using Ads inside Videos
  8. Promoting YouTube Videos
  1. Setting Social Objectives
  2. Social Strategies & Tactics for Google+
  3. Promoting a Brand on Google+
  4. +1s & Sharing
  5. Integration with your site
  1. Blogs Creation
  2. Blogs Submission
  3. Blogs Promotion
  4. Blogs Commenting
  5. Blogs Weekly Postings
  1. Introduction to Google Adsense
  2. Google Adsense Program
  3. Google Adsense Approval Process
  4. Google Adsense Secrets
  5. How to Get Relevant Adsense Ads
  6. Google Adsense Ad Format Sizes
  7. High Paying sites on Adsense
  8. Making Money with Google Adsense
  9. Google Adsense Revenue Sharing
  10. Google Adsense Optimization Tips
  1. Basics of eMarketing
  2. Understanding Affiliate Marketing
  3. Keyword Research & Analysis
  4. Choosing Right Products: Click bank, CJ
  5. Choose the Right Domains & Hosting Provider
  6. Marketing Mix: SEO / PPC / SMM
  7. Email List, Auto responders
  8. Campaign Measurement and Tracking

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