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Software Testing TRAINING In Surat

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What will you learn ?

Learn Software testing which includes manual testing and introduction of automation testing required for industry. We provides an opportunity to work on live projects of our international clients. Our Software Testing course helps to make bright future in current industrial market.

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Software Testing Course


Course Code: Manual Testing Course

Number of Days : 60 Days ( 1 Hour/Day)
Weekend Training Classes Duration : 8 Weeks (3+ Hours/Day)

***Interview Questions & Answers will be covered along with course

Course Description

Manual Testing is the traditional and most rigorous form of software testing. This process requires a seasoned professional to manually check and perform tests on the software or application withoutautomation. It is carried out before a software application hits the market so as to ensure that the product/software fulfils its intended purpose without any hassles

Manual Testing Course Training Covers following Modules

  1. What is Software Testing?
  2. What are the objectives and purpose of software testing?
  3. Why software testing is necessary?
  4. What are the principles of testing?
  5. What are Defect, Bugs and Faults?
  6. From where do Defects and failures arise?
  7. When do defects in software testing arise?
  8. What is Software Quality?
  1. What are the phases of Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC)?
  2. What are the Software Development Models?
    • Waterfall model
    • Spiral model
    • V model
    • Prototype model
    • Derived model or Customized model
    • Hybrid Model
    • RAD model
    • Agile model
  3. Grey Box Testing
  4. What are Software Testing Levels?
    • Unit testing
    • Component testing
    • Integration testing
    • System testing
    • Acceptance testing
    • Alpha & Beta testing
  5. What are Software Test Types?
    • Functional Testing
    • Non-functional Testing
    • Structural Testing
    • Regression Testing
    • Maintenance Testing
  1. Static Techniques
  2. Dynamic Techniques
  1. How to write Test Cases?
    • Procedure to write the test cases
    • Procedure to execute test cases
  2. How to review Test Cases?
  1. Defect Life Cycle
  2. How to prepare DEFECT REPORT?
  3. Introduction of Defect tracking tool – JIRA
  1. Roles and Responsibilities of Tester
  2. What are the things to keep in mind while planning tests?
  3. What is test monitoring in software testing?