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Course Code: SEO P1001 SEO Pro Course

Duration : 32 Sessions ( 64 Hours ) - 4 Month


Course Description

This seo training course teaches you the Advanced of SEO and how to apply best practice seo techniques to your website to increase traffic, leads, sales,How to earn through blog, article writing and profits to your business.

SEO Pro Course following Modules

  1. What is Search Engine Optimization?
  2. How Search Engines Work
  3. Anatomy of a Search Results Page
  4. Why Apply SEO to Your Web site
  5. How to implement SEO
  6. The Benefits of Doing SEO
  7. Google Trends
  8. Making Your Content Effective
  9. The New World of Web Content
  10. Google Panda and SEO
  11. Google Webmaster Tools
  12. Student Website Reviews
  13. Questions and Answers
  1. Linking Strategies Through External and Internal Linking
  2. Key Concepts – Authority, Relevancy and Pagerank
  3. A Comparison of Various Links
  4. Links and Google Penguin
  5. External Linking Strategies
  6. Types of Links:
    • Understanding Link Diversity
    • Getting EDU Links
    • Building links externally to you
    • SEO Strategy for Cleaning Up Links
    • Tips for Finding Links
    • Try a Link Discovery Tool
  7. The Power of Internal Links:
    • Internal Linking Strategies
    • HTML Sitemaps
    • XML Site Maps
    • Directory Style Sitemaps
    • No Follow Attribute
    • Absolute Versus Relative Links
    • Disavowing Links
  8. How to Stay Out of Trouble with the Search Engines
  9. Getting the Most Out of Your Blog:
    • Blogging and SEO
    • Optimizing Your Blog Posts
    • WordPress and SEO
    • Tips For Increasing Your Chances For Popular Posts
    • Understanding the Value of Trackbacks
    • How to set up and use Trackbacks
    • Blog Resources
    • Blog Search Engines
  1. Advanced Keyword Research:
    • Keyword Analysis
    • Other Advanced Keyword Research Tips
  2. Semantic Search
  3. Resource Links
    • Understanding How To Take Advantage of Themes
  4. Local SEO:
    • Research your keywords for Local seo
    • Hot to Get your business on Google Local
    • How to Create local listings
    • About Universal Business Listing
    • Rating Local Search Factors
    • Business Listing Quality Guidelines
    • More Google Quality Guidelines
    • Google Local
    • Google Local – Photos, Videos and More
  5. Video SEO:
    • Optimizing Your Videos
    • Video SEO
    • Keywords for Video
    • Create a Video Sitemap
    • Video Distribution
  6. Mobile Search and SEO:
    • Mobile SEO Strategies
  7. Duplicate Content Issues
  8. Crawler and Indexing Issues

Paid Search

  1. Planning Your Paid Search Campaigns
  2. Google Adwords
  3. Google Display Ads
  4. Personalization of Search
  5. Google Plus
  6. Google Authorship
  7. Google Webmaster Tools
  8. Google Panda and Penguin Rollouts
  1. Competitive Intelligence for SEO:
    • Why do CI (Competitive Intelligence) for SEO?
    • More Reasons for CI (Competitive Intelligence)
    • How to Do Competitive Intelligence Analysis for SEO
    • Off page Factors
    • How to Analyze What You Collect
  2. Social Media and SEO:
    • Social Media Platforms
    • Social Media Guidelines
    • Social Media and SEO
    • Measure Social Media Reach
  3. Site Technical Issues:
    • Diagnosing Problems
    • URL Canonicalization
    • 301 redirects
    • Crawler and Indexing issues
    • Source code Validation
  4. How To Earn Through Blogging
    • How Choose Topics For Blog
    • How To create Blog
    • Google adsense Rule
    • How to create an account in Google adsence.
    • How to start earning
  1. influential Copywriting for the Web:
    • Anatomy of A Sales Letter
    • Components for Building Sales Copy by Component
    • Examples by Category
  2. The Power of Article Writing:
    • Life After Google Panda Update
    • Guidance on Writing Quality Articles
    • Easy Ways To Find Markets For Your Articles
    • Creative Commons
  3. Press Releases and SEO:
    • Tips for Press Releases
    • 9 Reasons to Optimize Your Press Releases
  4. Tips for Professional SEOs:
    • New Customers the smartest Way
    • Build A Genuine Reputation Right Now
    • How To Convert Prospects to Clients by Establishing Credibility
    • Steps for Building Powerful Proposals
    • Building and Defining Your Business in the SEO Industry
    • Questions and Answers
    • Certification Exam

What will You Get in Master of SEO Course?

  • Sessions by Industrial Trainers (46 hrs)
  • Training Content (Presentations)
  • Hands-on Monthly Projects / Weekly Exercises
  • 4 Months Research-Based Internship
  • Q & A Support
  • Placement Assistance
  • Certification Exam


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