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Every 2 years the amount of technical information is doubling. This means for students starting a 4 year degree , half of what they studied in their university degree, will be outdated by the time they finish their graduation.

Our training courses have been designed in such a way, that makes you understand the educational material easily, and you will have the opportunity to work on real projects, and not just theoretical books. We have conducted numerous researches to understand the best ways to provide mobile application development training. We have the expertise and knowledge for the latest tools, which we use to train our students, so that they can stand out when compared to someone who has spent years studying at university. Technologies change at the speed of light, so by the time you have completed your studies, those tools which you have learned are already out dated. Our team keeps updating with thorough research which will give the most benefit to the students who are getting our training..

About IITPT iPhone Application Development Course

Some figure about iOS Developer and the opportunities

  •     The biggest problem facing mobile today is a shortage of talented developers.
  •     App Developers are in High Demand
  •     Android & iOS dominate the market, making these platforms the ideal place to focus your mobile application development education.
  •     The job market for mobile application developers is expected to skyrocket by 32% from 2010 through 2020, creating close to 300,000 new positions and heralding one of the decade’s largest increases for any occupation
  •     Top iOS Developers around the globe are running multi-million dollar application development
  •     The average pay for an iOS Developer is Rs 3,22,380 per year in INDIA.

Some figure about iOS Developer and the opportunities
Why we started iOS Application development training

Why we started iOS Application development training ?

  •     High Growth Market
  •     Shortage of talent and skilled people in app development
  •     Shortage of Apple Products in colleges or university
  •     Our focus is to give practical training

Who should join our iOS Training Workshop?

  •     Students having basic knowledge of C and C++
  •     Graduated IT Students who like to build career in Mobile App Development
  •     Android app developers

Who should join our iOS Training Workshop?
What will you learn in 8 Week iOS Workshop?

What will you learn in 8 Week iOS Workshop?

  •     Introduction to IPhone application
  •     Basics of Objective-C
  •     Cocoa and IPhone SDK
  •     View Controllers and Views
  •     Cocoa Controls and Implementation
  •     Advanced Learning
  •     Exercise

Why Join IITPT


Practical Projects

It’s not possible to learn how to drive a car by reading a book , similar we give practical projects to our Trainees to train them on their favorite technologies.

professional trainers

Professional Trainers

IITPT courses are conducted only by experienced professional who have extensive experience in their relevant field such as iPhone, Android , SEO, Social Media and Sales.

short and flexible workshops

Short and Flexible Workshops

IITPT courses and workshops are short and straight to the point. Our curriculum is designed in such a way that you will get full knowledge within a short time.



IITPT has designed the Fee structure based on number of modules you like learn. This way you don’t need to pay for the skills you already know.

happy students

Happy Students

Most of the students who did that workshop through IITPT had a great learning experience and were very happy for their personal growth.

enrollment test

Enrollment Test

Our courses are not for everyone. If you are looking to Enroll in any specific course conducted by IITPT you have to go through an Enrollment Test, to make sure you will be able to understand the Course Curriculum.

Our team


Our team is build of 15 + Developers, Designers, SEO Experts , Marketers and Software Testers. With extensive experience with local and International clients, we pass this valuable knowledge to our students.

Job Opportunities


There are vast amount of job vacancies for the courses conducted by IITPT like social media marketers, SEO , IT Sales and many more .

Fully A/C Classrooms


Our Classrooms are fully equipped with the Tools you need to learn you desired course.